Farmstay Visible Difference Mask Sheet adheres to skin closely and smoothly to transform your skin vibrant with moist all day without irritation.

Available types:

  • Greentea Seed: Pure hypoallergenic green tea seed extract gives dry skin moisture. A sheet-type mask with a fresh tough stays in close contact with thirsty skin without stickiness for pure skin texture.
  • Acerola: The fresh sheet-type mask containing acerola extracts to whiten rough and dry skin clearly and brightly adheres to the skin. So that the skin texture needs to by moisturized can be freshened and tightened without stickiness.
  • Pomegranate: By giving organic pomegranate extract moisture to skin gives a boost to tired skin. The sheet help your skin retain moisture by gently fitting on the skin texture without skin irritation.
  • Snail: Snail mucus extract provides elastic skin texture and shiny face. A sheet type of mask covered smoothly on your skin surface with refreshing feeling will clarify skin texture without any sticky feeling on the face which requires more moisture.
  • Honey: Propolis extract that has ample of amino acid and mineral gives nutrition and moisturizes dried skin and makes moist and healthy skin.


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