I’m From Vitamin Tree Water gel is a cream type product best for oily skin. It is quickly absorbed by the skin, and gives cooling sensation which helps to quickly calm redness. Nianciamide provides the whitening and transforms the skin to appear brighter and more clearer.

Natural vitamins that comes from the leaf of Vitamin tree of clean Taebaek Mountain of Korea. Contains 68% of vitamin tree leaf. Vitamin tree contains 190 different nutrients.16 types of vitamins, 18 types of amino acids,18 types of flavonoids and 40 types of fatty acids,26 minerals

I’m from products comes with 3 marks which you can check in their products. These marks represents the 3 promises:
Ingredient Transparency – Honest Materials – No Harmful Additives

More about the Main Ingredients of I’m from vitamin tree water gel

Vitamin Leaf Water
Vitamin leaves are rich in calcium, which strenghtens the skin’s barrier. It has about 7x more catechin than green tea, having excellent effects on the prevention of oxidation.

Cloud Berry
A polar plant that can withstand temperatures below -40°C. Provides rich nutrients to the skin and helps balance the oil content.

Snow Lotus
An immortal flower that grows in the snow, contains strong moisture.

Rose of Jericho
A resurrecting flower that can be restored with just a drop of water, it helps regulate the skin’s moisture balance.



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