Somebymi 30 days Miracle Toner  contains not only AHA and BHA – but also new second generation of acid called PHA (polyhydroxy acids). PHA are more gentler than AHA and hence it makes good choice for those with sensitive skin.Perfect for acne /redness/inflammation/skin flakes/dead cells/sebum and black head
Most of the tea tree products contains around 100 ppm. Miracle toner contains power of 10,0000PPM of Tea Tree .
#Its pH is  5.5 and in addition it contains Nianciamide for skin brightening  and Adenosine for wrinkle care
#Other ingredients: Virginia Hazel, papaya,lentils,Swiftlet nest,lotus extract

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  1. shresthaashu55

    Works as exfoliator. Light weight watery texture. Great ingredients. Removes dead cells n dirt.

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Somebymi 30 days Miracle Toner Somebymi 30 days Miracle Toner...

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