By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Gel is best for Acne-prone Skin, Oily Skin .It contains sulfur which is well-known acne treatment for its antimicrobial properties. It helps dry out the skin surface to absorb excess oil and dries out dead skin cells to unclog pores.

By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Gel has been perfectly formulated so as to prevent extra dryness by combining with moisturizing  ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Tocopherol to deliver the effective acne treatment to the skin in a gentle and hydrating way.

When applied on forming acne, it will either calm it down or speed up the process so the acne can be extracted easily.

※ In the case of extraction after using the Sulfur gel, it is recommended to use acne patch or post-acne treatment to prevent hyper-pigmentation.


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By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Gel


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