By Wishtrend vitamin 75 maximizing cream contains Vitamin E- The most popular Antioxidant in the skincare!Get this New vitamin E from Wishtrend which contains 75% Natural Vitamin E from Vitamin Tree(Seabuck thorn)

Why do you need Vitamin E?
#Human cannot synthesize Vitamin E and is present in limited quantity
#Applying is better than Eating : the skin Vitamin E was 3 times more when Vitamin E was applied topically than those taking Vitamin E supplement
#Partner of Vitamin C: Vitamin E protects our outer skin layer from harmful radicals> Vitmain C regenerates Vitamin E
#Our skin Vitamin E decreases by almost 50% if you are exposed to moderate sunlight for 30 mins

#Benfits: Antiaging, sunprotection,Reduces Facial lines, skin roughness, skin dehyrdation, inflammation, pigmentation

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  1. Praveena Rai

    I used this cream with vit c 21.5 serum and it is a light moisturizer and it work well with the serum. I didn’t get any breakouts but for winter season it did not work as I have combination skin, so I only used it in the night time with the serum and in the morning after washing my face it would feel really soft and clean. It’s a good product.

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By Wishtrend vitamin 75 maximizing cream By Wishtrend vitamin 75 maximi...

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