Klairs Fundamental Ampule Mist is a Green Tea Water based mist, formulated with rice, cucumbers, okra, and mugwort which is effective for intensive hydration and antioxidant care.Formulated with 82% Green tea water
– Natural ingredients for effective hydration & antioxidant care: rice, cucumber, okra, mugwort etc
– Helps achieve overall dewy skin with just a few spritz
– Skin tone brightening & skin calming effect
– Light as a toner, effective as an ampule.

What is Klair’s Fundamental Line?

The Klairs Fundamental Line is an advanced skincare line for Fundamental Care. Formulated with highly effective ingredients, it is designed to restore moisture deep within the skin and provide solutions for anti-aging.

HOW TO USE Klairs Fundamental Ampule Mist

-After cleansing, spray 2-3 spritz on the whole face at a distance of 20cm. Use at any time of day to soothe, refresh and moisturize the skin.
*Recommended to use the Ampule Mist as a toner during the skincare step.

 – Use with Cotton Pads as a mask pack to calm and hydrate your skin.
– Can be used on other dry areas to conveniently supply moisture to your body.

**If you have extra dehydrated skin, Spray the mist in between your skin care regime to fill in the moisture.


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Klairs fundamental ampule mist Klairs fundamental ampule mist...


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