Klairs fundamental watery oil drop is a powerful serum with high concentration of oils. For those who wants to have facial oil but doesn’t like the oily finish-this serum is perfect. Water-based serum provides light finish and absorbs well.Contains the Power of ceramide, peptides,rice and green tea all in one. Moisturizes without making face oily whether its summer’s heat or dry winter

Klairs fundamental watery oil drop  is Recommended For
– For those who have tired skin

– For those who need hydration but doesn’t like oil products.
– For dehydrated and rough skin
– For those who have oily skin on the surface but need lack moisture within the skin (Combination Skin)

What is Klair’s Fundamental Line?

The Klairs Fundamental Line is an advanced skincare line for Fundamental Care. Formulated with highly effective ingredients, it is designed to restore moisture deep within the skin and provide solutions for anti-aging.


After cleansing and toning, apply 2-3 drops of the Watery Oil Drop on to the face and massage throughout the entire face down to the neck.


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Klairs fundamental watery oil drop Klairs fundamental watery oil ...


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