A’pieu madecassoside Cream-50ml



A’pieu madecassoside Cream for Trouble Care !Irritation Care! Strengthening the skin barriers. Brightening. Anti-Aging. Wrinkle-Care. Deep-Moisturizing. This all in one cream  contains Madecassoside 0.1% and Centella Asiatica extract 40%.



A’pieu madecassoside Cream is made of madecassoside cream which  is a component of Centella extract, known for its soothing and repairing properties. Even sensitive skin types can use it without concerns, absolutely chemical free, PURE cream!

The cream contains an extra 40% of centella extract additional to the madecassoside to soothe irritated skin .

Added to this list are adenosine and lactic acid to smooth and plump skin, making this the perfect nourishing treatment for tired, damaged skin.



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