I’m From Mugwort Essence


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I’m From Mugwort essence is just made of ONE INGREDIENT(100% Mugwort).One of the new ingredient that you must try! Best to use when#your skin is Dry and irritated#Needs a brightening boost #you want to heal breakouts,redness,sensitive rashes eczema.


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I’m From Mugwort Essence is the another new ingredient that your skin mustn’t miss! The whole essence is just made of only one ingredient -Mugwort. Mugwort has been the part of Korean culture since the begining of time and is considered as healing herb for its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and skin-protective properties.

I’m From Mugwort Essence is made from Ganghwa Mugwort which is considered to be of top quality and the slow extraction methods is used so that the concentration of nutrients are maximum in this essence.Korea Mugwort known for its unique scent and antoxidants , vitamins and minerals will restore youth and energy along with is amazing calming and detoxifying effects.

How to use I’m From Mugwort Essence

1. After applying toner, take a moderate amount and apply to the entire face in a tapping motion.
2. For better soothing and moisturizing effects, soak cotton pads with the product and place onto your face. Leave for 5 minutes and remove the cotton pads.



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