Somebymi AHA BHA PHA miracle cream 60ml


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Somebymi AHA BHA PHA miracle cream is unique cream  with 4 cica-care formula added
#Contains centella>700,000ppm,Tea tree 10000ppm
#Exfoliation+Soothing+Whitening-wrinkle care + trouble care



Somebymi AHA BHA PHA miracle cream-for Never-going-away Skin troubles. 4 Cica Care was added to Centella Asiactica, known to cure even tiger’s scar, for strengthen the weakened skin barriers and improves the troubled skin.

4 cica care formula contains asiatic acid, asiaticoside,madecasic acid and madecasoside It is a naturally derived ingredient that helps soften and calm your skin effectively.
The tea tree extract, which is effective on sebum control and AC care, cleanses the spot on the skin.
AHA, BHA and PHA ingredients keep your skin clear and bright.
It regulates the stratum corneum and pores of the skin and normalizes the turnover cycle of the skin.
Oily skin can also be used throughout the year with a light texture to feel free to use.


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