It’s Skin Collagen Nutrition Cream is Nutri-Active Collagen Nutrition Cream firms and evens the skin.A firming cream, containing skin-firming Collagen Extract and Saussurea laniceps Extract, for moisturizing and cleansing care, and Malt Extract and Bearberry Extract, high in various amino acids, leaving a firm skin texture.

Main ingredients

Marine Collagen 9,800mg

Collagen is a resilient fiber supporting the skin’s base for a moisturized, supple, and healthy complexion.

Saussurea laniceps Extract

Saussurea laniceps Extract rewards the skin with excellent resilience-boosting benefits that replenish nutrients to the skin for an even and revitalized texture .

Malt Extract

The vitamins present in malt add a natural glow to your skin. Malt maintains the pH balance of your skin and hence, brightens your skin.

What is Marine Collagen?

01 Marine Collagen

Marine collagen in not animal collagen, It is a different type of collagen that is extracted from the scales of fish living in the depths of the sea.

02 Skin-friendly Collagen

Marine collagen maintains the identical molecular structure of collagen found in the skin of human.

03 Low Weight Molecule Fast Acting Penetration

The low weight molecules promote fast absorption, while the soft and firming formula healps soothe the skin for anti-aging and skin-regenerating benefits.


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